September 2019 – Latest Issue

In This Issue: Pumped Storage Proposals in the Eastern Sierra From the Editor: We Need To Hear From You! Gold Butte National Monument: Two Years Later Wild Horses and Burros: A Most Contentious Issue A Brief History of Death Valley Junction The Silent Menace: Wind Turbine Infrasound, Part 2 The Amargosa Basin: A Unique Landscape […]


Pumped Storage Proposals in the Eastern Sierra: Once Again, Haste Makes Waste

By Jora Fogg   |   The rush to implement new technologies to meet California’s renewable energy mandate has spurred several new proposals for pumped storage in the Eastern Sierra. This technique involves pumping water up hill between two or more reservoirs during times of low energy demand and then releasing it downhill to power turbines to generate electricity at […]


Wild Horses and Burros: A Most Contentious Issue

By John Hiatt  |   As a result of the passage of the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act in 1971 (the Act), wild (feral) horses and burros on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service lands in the West have enjoyed federal protection against capture, killing, or harassment. Without significant natural enemies, horse and burro […]

.in the light of the desert sun.

By Anthony Tróchez  |   This essay does not directly deal with desert issues. Instead it is concerned with a worldview that threatens all aspects of our environment. It will be controversial and perhaps even offensive to some. On the other hand, it represents a point of view that can not be entirely dismissed and deserves […]


Conserving Tejon Ranch – The Wild Heart of California

By Ileene Anderson and J.P. Rose   |  In the wild heart of California, at a crossroads where valleys, mountains, and deserts meet, lies Tejon Ranch, California’s quintessential natural landscape. Home to the California condor, Tejon encompasses more than 270,750 acres of private land between Los Angeles and Bakersfield – and it continues to be threatened […]


June 2019

In This Issue: Will Bad Ideas Never Die? Gemini Solar Project From the Editor Lead Toxicity Conserving Tejon Ranch A Word From the World of Plants: Death Valley’s 2019 Spring Bloom Panamint Valley Lithium On The Topic of Pollution and the Loss of Common Sense The Silent Menace: Wind Turbine Infrasound .in the light of […]


Return of the Desert Ghost – Seventy Years in Absentia

By Thomas Egan   |   The endangered Sonoran pronghorn, or “Desert Ghost,” may be returning soon to its historic haunts in the southern California Deserts. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is in the process of finalizing an Endangered Species Act Non-essential, Experimental Population Rule, which would allow this Spirit of the Desert to […]


March 2019

In This Issue: The Desert Under Our Feet: An Extraordinary Biological Web From The Editor Barriers To Locally Generated Energy Bodie Hills: A Landscape To Visit And Protect Book Review: Bodie, Good Times And Bad My Moment With A Snake A Bullet Dodged: Health Hazard Ignored At Crescent Peak Wind Project Return Of The Desert […]