June 2020

In This Issue: • Mojave Desert Springs: Setting an Ecological Baseline• From the Editor: The Coronavirus Pandemic: A Chance to Learn• The Border Wall is on its Way: Goodbye to the Jacumba Wilderness• An Interview With Matt Kingsley, Inyo County Supervisor• Proposed Avi Kwa Ame National Monument• Sabinoso Wilderness: Freeing a Land-Locked Wilderness Area• A […]


Public support for a public resource By Susy Boyd and Geary Hund | Despite making up nearly one quarter of California and representing one of the largest intact ecosystems left in the lower forty-eight states, California’s 25 million acres of desert lands receive very little state funding for conservation projects. By contrast, other California regions […]


A balancing act amidst conflicting interests by Birgitta Jansen | Matt Kingsley, stocky of build and easy in presence, has a demanding job encompassing a wide variety of tasks and balancing many conflicting interests. But it suits him. Matt was born and raised in a Mennonite Community in Indiana, the second youngest in a family […]


Setting an ecological baseline by Sophie S. Parker | By definition, desert ecosystems receive little rainfall − less than 10 inches (25 centimeters) annually. For much of the year, the only locally and naturally available sources of surface water in the desert are seeps and springs − places where groundwater comes to the Earth’s surface. […]

The Border Wall Is On Its Way!

By Edie Harmon | Disgusting, wasteful, ugly, a border barrier project threatens the Jacumba Mountains Wilderness on California’s southern boundary. String together all the most negative adjectives you can think of, and it still doesn’t come close to what has happened and is about to happen a short walk from my home adjacent to the […]

Connecting The Desert Mountains – Hazards for Bighorn Sheep

by Clinton W. Epps  |  For many people, the interstate highway system offers a way to see the Mojave Desert. The big four-lane highways connect coastal cities with the hubs of Las Vegas, Phoenix, and other places across the United States. One can gaze at the wide expanses dotted with creosote bushes, stare at craggy peaks […]

In The Military Crosshairs – Nevada’s Desert National Wildlife Refuge

By Patrick Donnelly   |  Native American nations, Nevadans, and public lands lovers across the country are in opposition to the proposed land seizure by the U.S. Air Force of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. With newly introduced legislation pending, it appears the multi-year campaign to save the Desert Refuge is headed for a showdown.  But […]

March 2020

In This Issue: • In The Military Crosshairs: Nevada’s Desert National Wildlife Refuge • Vanishing Wetlands and a Die-Off of Screwbean Mesquite • Going Beyond Rooftop Solar • An Interview With Death Valley National Park Superintendent Mike Reynolds • Conflicts Of Interest: Industrial Solar vs. Basic Biology • Connecting the Desert Mountains: Hazards for Bighorn […]