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Winter 1998

In This Issue: • Glamis Imperial Mine Proposal • Federal Protection For Peninsular Bighorn • View From The Chair – Dedeckera Canyon • Owens Valley Water Agreement • Burros, Burros, Everywhere • Red Rock Canyon • Nellis Airforce Base Undergoing Stewardship Planning • Aircraft Noise • Death Valley’s Rainbow Talc Mine • Outings • Trip […]

Fall 1998

In This Issue: • Ivanpah Airport Land Grab • Wilderness Inventory Begins In Nevada • View From The Chair • Owens Lake • Open Pit Cyanide Heap-Leach Mine Threatens Quechan Tribe’s Sacred Lands • California Desert National Parks • Mine Of The Month: Humboldt River Mines • Keep Vehicles Off The Desert • Death Valley […]

July 1997

In This Issue: • Peninsular Bighorn Need Endangered Species Listing • BLM Wilderness Nevada’s Hidden Treasure • View From The Chair • For Irwin Expansion • Representative Miller Leads Opposition To Army Efforts To Annex CA Desert • News Updates (Fort Irwin, Arizona Cactus News, Brigs Mine, Elden Hughes Wins John Muir Award) • Trip […]