March 2021 – Latest Issue

A Third Special Issue: A Voice For Our Public Lands• From The Editor• Park Visitation, It’s a Tough Issue• A Challenging Example of Public Land Planning: Carrizo Plain National Monument• Protecting Public Lands: Can Conventional Planning Work?• Skill and Spirit: Teaching Field Geology On Public Lands Other articles• Clean Energy On Public Lands: Another Wave Is Here• Mojave Ranch Is Attracting Rare Species• Updates […]

December 2020

A Second Special Issue: A Voice For Our Public Lands• An Interview With Terry Tempest Williams• America’s Federal Lands: The Significance of Administrative Rulemaking• Increased Visitation to Public Lands Other articles• The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program• More Popular Than Ever: Increased Visitation At CA Desert Nat’l Parks• There Are Better Alternatives: Massive Solar Next To Gold Butte NM• Conglomerate Mesa In […]

September 2020

Special Issue: A Voice For Our Public Lands • From the Editors: Past, Present, and Future of America’s Public Lands• National Parks: Past Progress, New Challenges• An Indigenous Perspective• An Evolving Idea: Perils and Promise of the Federal Landscape • Muddy River: Unsustainable Groundwater Extraction in Southern NV• A Border Wall in the Jacumba Wilderness Area• BLM’s Proposals for the Great Basin […]

June 2020

In This Issue: • Mojave Desert Springs: Setting an Ecological Baseline• From the Editor: The Coronavirus Pandemic: A Chance to Learn• The Border Wall is on its Way: Goodbye to the Jacumba Wilderness• An Interview With Matt Kingsley, Inyo County Supervisor• Proposed Avi Kwa Ame National Monument• Sabinoso Wilderness: Freeing a Land-Locked Wilderness Area• A […]

March 2020

In This Issue: • In The Military Crosshairs: Nevada’s Desert National Wildlife Refuge • Vanishing Wetlands and a Die-Off of Screwbean Mesquite • Going Beyond Rooftop Solar • An Interview With Death Valley National Park Superintendent Mike Reynolds • Conflicts Of Interest: Industrial Solar vs. Basic Biology • Connecting the Desert Mountains: Hazards for Bighorn […]

December 2019

In This Issue: • Up, Up and Away… But Not Quite • From the Editor • When Mine Tailings are Stored… • Keep Long Valley Green • Off Highway Routes in the Amargosa Basin • Federal Legislation • The Amargosa Niterwort • Paradise Valley: Leapfrog Development Turned Down • Desert Updates • The Players and […]

September 2019

In This Issue: • Pumped Storage Proposals in the Eastern Sierra • From the Editor: We Need To Hear From You! • Gold Butte National Monument: Two Years Later • Wild Horses and Burros: A Most Contentious Issue • A Brief History of Death Valley Junction • The Silent Menace: Wind Turbine Infrasound, Part 2 […]

June 2019

In This Issue: • Will Bad Ideas Never Die? Gemini Solar Project • From the Editor • Lead Toxicity • Conserving Tejon Ranch • A Word From the World of Plants: Death Valley’s 2019 Spring Bloom • Panamint Valley Lithium • On The Topic of Pollution and the Loss of Common Sense • The Silent […]

March 2019

In This Issue: • The Desert Under Our Feet: An Extraordinary Biological Web • From The Editor • Barriers To Locally Generated Energy • Bodie Hills: A Landscape To Visit And Protect • Book Review: Bodie, Good Times And Bad • My Moment With A Snake • A Bullet Dodged: Health Hazard Ignored At Crescent […]

December 2018

In This Issue • A Community Proposal For A Management Plan: Mojave Trails National Monument • Owens Lake No Longer “Terminal”: A Destination For Birdwatchers • Desert Groundwater: A Resource At Risk • Rearranging The Planet To Save It: Do We Really Know What We’re Doing? • Death Valley’s Devils Hole: Smallest Known Habitat In […]