December 2019 – Latest Issue

In This Issue: Up, Up and Away… But Not Quite From the Editor When Mine Tailings are Stored… Keep Long Valley Green Off Highway Routes in the Amargosa Basin Federal Legislation The Amargosa Niterwort Paradise Valley: Leapfrog Development Turned Down Desert Updates The Players and the Subtext at the Salton Sea Summit Outings DOWNLOAD PDF […]


September 2019

In This Issue: Pumped Storage Proposals in the Eastern Sierra From the Editor: We Need To Hear From You! Gold Butte National Monument: Two Years Later Wild Horses and Burros: A Most Contentious Issue A Brief History of Death Valley Junction The Silent Menace: Wind Turbine Infrasound, Part 2 The Amargosa Basin: A Unique Landscape […]


June 2019

In This Issue: Will Bad Ideas Never Die? Gemini Solar Project From the Editor Lead Toxicity Conserving Tejon Ranch A Word From the World of Plants: Death Valley’s 2019 Spring Bloom Panamint Valley Lithium On The Topic of Pollution and the Loss of Common Sense The Silent Menace: Wind Turbine Infrasound .in the light of […]


March 2019

In This Issue: The Desert Under Our Feet: An Extraordinary Biological Web From The Editor Barriers To Locally Generated Energy Bodie Hills: A Landscape To Visit And Protect Book Review: Bodie, Good Times And Bad My Moment With A Snake A Bullet Dodged: Health Hazard Ignored At Crescent Peak Wind Project Return Of The Desert […]


December 2018

In This Issue • A Community Proposal For A Management Plan: Mojave Trails National Monument • Owens Lake No Longer “Terminal”: A Destination For Birdwatchers • Desert Groundwater: A Resource At Risk • Rearranging The Planet To Save It: Do We Really Know What We’re Doing? • Death Valley’s Devils Hole: Smallest Known Habitat In […]


September 2018

In This Issue: • Keep Nevada Wild! Fallon Range And Training Complex LEIS • Desert Art Without Constraint: Concerns With Music And Art Festivals • Yellow Pine Solar Project • New Oil Drilling In The Carrizo Plain National Monument • Which Way The Wind Blows – So Goes The Dust: The Mojave River Valley • Darwoon Dyreez By Kathy Goss […]


June 2018

In This Issue: • Crescent Peak Wind Project • Military Base Expansion In The Desert West • Unintended Consequences – Impacts Of Military Base Expansions On Wildlife • New Science In An Old Dispute – Cadiz Project Threatens A Major Mohave Spring • Dust Control At The Salton Sea • The Racetrack – A Place Where The Magic Is Threatened […]


March 2018

In This Issue: • Finding Common Ground: National Monuments Belong To Us All • The Curious Case Of US Gypsum • Can Importing Water From The Gulf Of California Save The Salton Sea? • Geothermal Energy Projects In Imperial County • Fire Hazard Shut-offs In Rural Areas • Conservation In Action: Partnering To Protect 
The Bi-State Greater Sage-Grouse • Desert Updates […]


December 2017

In This Issue • Conglomerate Mesa Once Again Threatened By Gold Miners • Public Lands Conservation Under Attack • Ill-Advised National Monument Review • Life On The Edge: Terrestrial Arthropod Communities On Salt Flats • Salton Sea: Several Steps Forward, Many More To Go • Tragedy Brews For Desert National Wildlife Refuge • Bringing Environmental Changes One Young Mind At A […]


September 2017

In This Issue • Protection and Restoration: Advocates For Mono Lake Make a Difference • The Amargosa Valley: Different Perspectives From Above and Below • The Burning Question: Air Quality Issues Related to Agricultural Burning • Ravenous Ravens in the Desert • Conservation Planning in the California Deserts • Adapting to Extremes: Desert Communities and Water Scarcity • Service in Our […]