WILD PLACES THAT NEED WILDERNESS DESIGNATION, PART 2 By Duncan Bell In the previous issue of Desert Report, several locations were mentioned that are truly wild places, under threat from development, that have not yet been designated as wilderness. In this issue, with the focus on locations in the east Mojave, I present a few […]


a lesson for the Future by Craig Deutsche, former editor of the Desert Report      Entering Death Valley from the south, one is nearly compelled to pass through the small town of Shoshone, California. While there is a highway maintenance station near the village entrance and a modern gas station as well, it would be […]


The Visioning and Marketing of Desert Natural and Cultural Heritage Tourism By Mark Faull Thirty years ago when I moved to the Mojave Desert this amazing landscape captured me. A northern Californian by birthright and experience, I thought my residency would last three years before taking in additional wonders of California’s State Park System. Such […]

*Public Resources At Risk From Bechtel

Soda Mountain Solar Looms Over Mojave National Preserve By G. Sidney Silliman The fundamental contradiction in the numerous proposals by private companies to build industrial-scale renewable energy projects and long-distance power lines on acreage administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is that the lands are public while the profits from the construction and […]

*The Colorado, A River Under Stress

Continued Drought Is Forcing Cooperation By John Hiatt The Colorado River is vitally important to the residents of the seven western states that share its drainage basin. It supplies irrigation and drinking water to more than 30 million people over an area stretching from Denver to San Diego. Unfortunately, the river is over allocated and […]

*A Profile of Superintendent Mark Butler

Appreciating the Subtleties of Joshua Tree National Park By Seth Shteir Mark Butler patrolled the winding mountain trails of Yosemite National Park’s backcountry as a National Park Service Wilderness Ranger fresh out of high school. It was a life changing experience for Butler, who was captivated by the beauty of Yosemite, the challenge of the […]

*BLM Reopens Parts of Dunes That Had Been Closed For 10 Years

So It’s Back to Court Once Again To Protect The Majestic Algodones Dunes by Ileene Anderson The Algodones Dunes, also known as the Imperial Sand Dunes, is North America’s largest active sand dune formation, covering about 200,000 acres in the southeastern corner of Imperial County and barely dipping into Mexico. It provides unique habitat for […]

*Tales From A Ranger

People Do The Darnedest Things By Edward Patrovsky This story appeared in the September 2013 issue of Desert Report. Editor’s Note: the author worked for many years as a law enforcement ranger for BLM and has many interesting stories to tell of his encounters with characters he came in contact with as part of his […]

*The Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Four Distinct Environments In Southern Nevada By Dan Balduini This story appeared in the September 2013 issue of Desert Report. Editor’s note: This year, National Wildlife Refuge Week is October 13-19. This annual event recognizes the nation’s 560 national wildlife refuges and falls on the second full week in October. Many refuges host public celebrations […]