*The Birth Of Desert Magazine

What Happens When You Talk Around Campfires And Hike Up Desert Peaks By John Fraim From the June 2013 issue of Desert Report. “This is a land of illusions and thin air. The vision is so cleared at times that the truth itself is deceptive.” – John Van Dyke, The Desert (1901) In June of 1936, […]

*The Curiously Remarkable Spring Blooms Of 2013

Joshua Trees And Other Species Are Having A Spectacular Year By David Lamfrom From the June 2013 issue of Desert Report. A cultural phenomenon in the Desert Southwest occurs when those enamored with arid lands start optimistically accounting each rain or snow event from August to April. Each quarter inch brings us closer to a potential […]

*Mitchell Caverns Natural Preserve

Restoring Public Access to a Mojave Desert Masterpiece By Mark R. Faull From the June 2013 issue of Desert Report. In 1929, on the east-facing rise of a range known as the Providence Mountains, a part-time miner, named Jesse E. “Jack” Mitchell, was drawn to explore an intriguing earthen grotto, a wondrous cavern. Years before, […]

Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

An Overview of A Sweeping Proposal Impacting California’s Deserts By Shaun Gonzales From the June 2013 issue of Desert Report. John C. Van Dyke wrote in 1901 that the “desert has gone a-begging for a word of praise these many years.” The California desert may have its detractors that dismiss it as a wasteland, but […]