Winter 2006

Download PDF (3MB) CONTENTS: • All American Canal Brings International Litigation • Eagle Mountain Garbage Dump Suffers Major Defeat • View From The Chair: The Big and the Little • In The Moccasins Of The Artist • Tejon Ranch Application For A Permit To Harm Condors • Stop Development Of Tejon Mountain Village • Desert […]

September 2006

Download PDF (4.2MB) THE ORV ISSUE   |   CONTENTS: • OHV: The California Off-Highway Vehicle Program At Age 35 • View From The Chair: Desert Committee Meetings • From The Editor: Focus On OHV Management • OHV: Managing Wilderness Areas Next To Open Vehicle Play Areas • OHV: Dumont Sand Dunes Issues & Solutions • OHV: Restoration of Damaged […]

Summer 2006

Download PDF (4.2MB) CONTENTS: • Planned Energy Corridors May Threaten Public Lands • View From The Chair: What We Do “Out There” • How We’re Losing the West We Thought We’d Won • Proposed Transmission Line Threatens Anza Borrego • Reigning in ORV Abuses • News Updates • Opening of the Mojave Desert • The Impact of Energy Corridors • Still At […]

Spring 2006

Download PDF (5.1MB) CONTENTS: • The Intersection Of NAFTA & Quechan Sacred Places • Desert Report’s New Managing Editor • A Solution To The YDP/Cienega Controversy • Surprise Canyon Motoring History • Sand Mountain Blue Needs Protection • Donna and Larry Charpied Honored • News Updates • Grasslands Of California • Pipes Canyon: All In A Day’s Work • Mojave Desert Impact Near Las […]

Winter 2005

Download PDF (3.8MB) CONTENTS: • Chromium 6 Plume In Needles Is 55 Feet From Colorado River • Air Pollution In The Mono Lake Basin • View From The Chair: Working With Native Americans • Salton Sea Restoration: How Much Water Will Be Available? • Lost Borders & Little Rain • News Updates • Joshua Tree Celebrates Anniversary, Minerva Hoyt […]

Fall 2005

Download PDF Part 1 (3.5MB) Download PDF Part 2 (2.1MB) CONTENTS: • Mary Martin: Desert Heroine • Water Victory In Owens Valley • View From The Chair: It’s All About Volunteers • First Ten Years Of The Mojave National Preserve • Hiking The Desert Trail • Desert Stewardship • Owls And The Salton Sea • The Student Conservation Association In The CA […]

Summer 2005

Download PDF (6.5 MB) CONTENTS: • Is The Lower Colorado River Doomed? • Why Is The Sierra Club Always Suing Everyone? • Everything Is Still Hitched To Everything Else • Restoration Of The Kelso Depot Nearly Complete • Guzzler Battles Continue • Chromium 6 Cleanup Affects Native Sacred Site • What Fate For Surprise Canyon? • The Owyhee – Beauty: Roads, River, […]

Spring 2005

Tortoises Win Day in Court Coal-Fired Power Plant Threatens Black Rock Desert View from the Co-Chair: A Welcome Change Pronghorn on the Carrizo Plain National Monument Wildlife and Wind Energy News Updates Overcoming A Legacy Of Desert Garbage Dumps They Also Traveled Here How Not To Do Route Designations EPA To Take Lead On Yerington […]


Winter 2004

In this issue: • Carrizo Gorge Poses Risk to Peninsular Bighorn • Recent Botanical Discoveries in Eastern Mojave Desert • View From The Chair: Ignorance and Arrogance • The Tehachapi Connection: A Critical Landscape-Level Linkage • Assault On Quechan Beliefs Continues • Cartago Springs Wetland Acquired at Owens Lake • News Updates • Flat-Tailed Horned […]


Fall 2004

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the California Desert Protection Act: • Cover Story by Dianne Feinstein • View From The Chair: A New Oak Tree • California Desert Protection Act Turns 10 • Sense of Amazement and Pride for BLM and its Partners • CDPA Memories • Joshua Tree National Park, A Look Back by […]